Sample Questions

The following are a few examples of the kind of questions you might be asked while playing The Best Party Game followed by some answers from some of our players.

Would you ever take a naked photo for a partner?

Absolutely. Photos are good, but video is even more fun!

Yes, lots of times. nuf said.

Did it right here in Haddonfield. The best part was telling the girls afterwards! They were pissed!

I would love to! I have always been the one behind the camera. I guess I'm more of the voyeur type. But recently I have been curious about how I look on film in general and this would be a sexy twist. Of course I would get a really artsy photo concept and make the lighting just perfect so it flatters me and shows off my best features. It would be an adventure. I'd have my partner be the photographer. So hot!

In a Heartbeat. Who says I haven't done it already. I'm a guy and I luv the fact the my wife/girlfriend be so into it.

Absolutely! It can be a lot of fun and I like to think about him taking sneak peaks of me at work or before he goes to bed... it's HOT!!

(So now you know the kind of friends we have.....)

In what ways have you used sex as a manipulation?

Absolutely. After being married a long time, I learned the connection between my husband's mood and whether or not he had gotten laid. He was so much more agreeable and less pissy if I put out, so that became my way of making him tolerable. Withholding sex always back-fired, so I never went there. As a long-term coping mechanism, I don't recommend this strategy, it devalues the whole experience.

Are you able to have great sex without an emotional connection? Why or why not?

I doubt it. Unfortunately, I have never had great sex, so who am I to speak with certainty; I just can't imagine getting physically intimate with someone I didn't care about.

Is there a part of you that thinks sexuality is dirty, bad, shameful or otherwise negative?

Nope- no guilt here.... it's what we were designed for and it doen't shame me at all.... from masturbation to oral sex, pleasure is good.

Oh shart. Baby fetishes are one thing I can't wrap my head around. I don't think it's shameful, but definitely dirty - literally! Grown men wear diapers and crap their pants. Then they pee in the sandbox. Then expect to be changed. But I guess it just goes to show how everybody likes different things.

Is it possible to actually win the war on terror?

What war was ever "won"?

Duh. Yeah, it's called "stop fighting everyone". But what is possible isn't necessarily what is probable. Will we actually win? Probably not. Sad but true.

What a ridiculous concept... it's like herding cats or a snake eating its own tail.... We can promote circunstances that lead to peace and address issues that compel groups to commit acts of terror, but anything labeled a war is something I cannot support.

We are not prepared to put the measures in place to eliminate terrorism. It's like the speed limit - if we really wanted to be sure a pedestrian would never get hit by a car, the speed limit in residential neighborhoods would be zero.

Should medical insurance cover the costs of sex-change operations? Why or why not?

Government-provided heath insurance should not cover sex-change operations... with limited resources and so many critically ill people that need care, it's not feasable. It opens the door to all kinds of surgery in the catagory of "I am not happy in this body"... even if that body is basically healthy. Perhaps non-profits can be created to provide this type of funding from the private sector.

What situations or events typically make you feel guilty? Give examples if possible.

I generally do not subscribe to guilt; it is largely a useless and painful emotion. I prefer to either take an action or not, and live with whatever consequences arise. There is one thing I feel horribly guilty about however: I had an amazing little parrot named Darwin... he was extraordinarly friendly and outgoing. Later on I adopted a tiny kitten who would play with Darwin. As the kitten grew I stupidly ignored all the warning signs that agression was mounting, and one day I returned home to a pile of feathers... I can't help but feel forever guilty that Darwin died a horrible death as a result of my failing to keep him safe (He was always out of his cage... he should have been in if I wasn't home to supervise.) Other than that, I rarely feel guilty.

Would you ever elect a president that was single?

Yes. You don't have to have a partner to make good decisions.

I don't see why the president must be married, it's not a pre-requisite for any other job, in fact, it might be good to elect one person that isn't a package deal... spouses have more influence than congress!

Two brains for the price of one! So, you are saying that a single president is probably a better bet? Or another viewpoint is that a married person is almost like getting two people in one. I know my mother debated with my father over business decisions. He had the masters degree in business and the corporate job but she had a keen sense of intuition and a lot of common sense. I loved hearing the logical and the practical arguments be passed around at the dinner table like food and wine. Maybe government is just another family business? But overall I got to think that being the leader of a country has its stresses and a spouse is a necessary requirement to have the emotional support to be able to take on a job like that.

What would your perfect weekend consist of?

Perfect weekend would be to sleep in, have sex, have a good breakfast, go to santacruz, go skim boarding, hang out on the beach and go shopping at all the cool surf stores. Yeah, that's good enough.

I should plan this! Lots of dancing, great sex (dare I admit it) and lots of wonderful friends and healthy (and tasty) food. No work and plenty of fun!

Roll out of bed whenever my eyes happen to open, have tea and scrambled eggs with salsa and cheese in them, go horseback riding, hang out with my kids, have dinner with friends, putter and read.

Give an example that shows that The Creator is a comedian.

Childbirth! Let's pass a watermelon sized offspring through a 10cm hole!! Platypuses! Let's make an animal out of spare parts! Aging! Zits and wrinkles similtaneously! And being near-sighted and far-sighted at the same time! He gave us free will- I bet he get's a good laugh out of that as he watches us make lame choices!

What was your worst sexual experience and what made it so bad?

My own bad judgement put me in a situation where a guy got me in bed on the first date. There were promises of all he wanted to do was please me orally... however, when the time came it was in a position that HE wanted that wouldn't do a thing for me and anything I said was disregarded.It escalated to him trying to penetrate me without a condom while arguing with me that I am too old to get pregnant. I finally had to put my feet on his chest and physically push him off of me....Then I got lectured on how paranoid I was and I just need to "loosen up". What made it so bad was knowing how foolish I was to have permited any of it, and feeling completely disrespected the whole time.

Is monogamy a reasonable expectation for a lifetime?

I would really like to believe that it's a reasonable expectation; however I don't think any of us are given the tools we need to make it work given the social climate we exist in. If it were framed as an ideal to strive for rather than an expectation, then maybe it's lack wouldn't be so devastating. If monogamy specifically wasn't expected and frameworks existed to keep partners feeling safe, there might be more freedom and comfort in relationships.

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