How to Play the Game

This game is about creating conversations and relationships. It provides a safe, fun forum to discuss deep issues in a very intimate way. Friendships are formed magically as walls and barriers come down. Relationships are deepened as players laugh and share with each other. To get the most out of it, keep an open mind, listen, observe, and participate fully. Have fun! Enjoy all the different ways to express yourself so people "get you".Don't get too serious... this is a game!

It’s easy to play The Best Party Game. This fun adult board game is for 2-10 players who want to engage in lively conversation about personal, controversial and provocative subjects. We designed it knowing that players don’t want to read directions, so if you want to dive right in, you can! If you want to know what you are getting into, here are the basics and some tips.

  • Set up: Take the white tray out of the box and put it in a central location. The 6 decks of cards can stay in the tray, and there is no need to shuffle. (After each turn cards go to the bottom of the deck)
  • Assign a score-keeper; they get the marker and scorecard.
  • The person with the birthday earliest in the year goes first; then take turns going to the left.
    Tip: It really doesn’t matter who goes first; there is no strategic advantage.
  • When it’s your turn, spin the arrow and take a card matching the color you land on. Choose a question, read it aloud, and then answer as completely as you can.
    Tip: Choose a question that you have the most engaging or relevant answer for… that’s why YOU choose your own question. Or of course if you really want to avoid a subject you can.

Scoring The Best Party Game.

Getting points is a totally subjective process. Other players award you points based on your answer (or participation in an activity). The maximum point value is on the card for each category. Points are NOT awarded based on agreement; just on content, connection, completeness, detail and willingness to share. So if you are vague, evasive or seem full of BS, you won’t get many points!

Tip: Be expressive! Give examples. Make eye contact. Remember to breathe.
Tip: Don’t feel obligated to give full points. If you know someone is holding back, or being less than honest, withhold points. Be judicious.
Tip: We designed the scoring intending for each player to score questions independently; therefore if there are 10 players, you would add up 9 individual scores on each turn. We have found that groups often like to discuss points and assign a collective score on each turn, and that works too.


Winning The Best Party Game for Adults

The goal is to be the first to reach a designated point total; points can add up quickly in a large group, so we devised a sliding scale needed to win.

2 players 50 points
3-4 players 75 points
5-8 players 100 points
9-10 players 125 points

A variation is whoever has the most points after a designated amount of time.

Short and Sweet questions are just that…. basic information that can be answered in a sentence or two and shouldn’t make you break a sweat. These are worth a max of 2 points.

Tip: since these are only worth 2 points, so there is no need to go into long explanations; they should take about a minute or less. Save your speeches for pink cards….

Digging Deep questions require more thought and more detailed answers. In order to get 5 points you have to dig deep and share from the heart.

Tip: These might take up to 3 minutes; allow players time to express themselves while feeling free to gently move on as appropriate.

Delicious cards have a mixture of questions and activities, and are all about sex and sensuality- this is what makes this an adult board game! These are worth 4 points max.

Tip: For activities, go ahead and be a drama queen… have FUN!
Tip: For questions, don’t be scared to share; we have found a lot of fun and connection happens here.

Play Time cards are what makes this an improv game: activities get you out of your seat with pretending, acting, drawing, giving speeches, etc. Points are given based on attitude and effort. Ham it up for 3 points.

Tip: Go all out! Exaggerate, be silly, think out of the box!
Tip: You are welcome to read the card aloud; players do not have to guess what you are up to…. But it can be really fun to NOT read it and just launch into a performance and watch the reaction!

Wild cards are designed to stimulate intense conversations. If it’s your turn, the question you choose will be answered by each player individually.

Tip: in a large group, keep answers fairly brief or it can get time consuming. Each player gets 2 points for participating or none if they don’t chime in.

Dog House cards are intended to be awkward, embarrassing or otherwise challenging. To make matters worse, you don’t get any points!! So why bother, you ask…. Because if you chicken out, another player can jump in and volunteer to do it for 5 points! And besides, being a good sport gets you good karma.

Tip: Don’t read the card aloud if you are going to pass. If another player wants the points, they have to go into it blind.
Tip: Keep the kids out of ear-shot…. this is a fun adult party game…. We don’t want to upset any little ones!

Please use discretion when and where you play The Best Party Game. We know that you are open- minded, fun-loving, charismatic and intelligent, (after all, you purchased our game…); let’s not intimidate passers-by who may not be ready to play this way.

Tip: This is intended to be a fun adult game…. It’s OK to pass on a question if you aren’t having fun… that’s what games are about!
Tip: Feel free to make up alternate rules, take pictures, videos, make up questions etc. You can post them to the Fan Page on Facebook. We look forward to your input!

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